Charles Von Büren established Squale, a Swiss Made brand specialized in the

Production of computerized  Swiss made dive watches     diving watches, work tools able to calculating compensation and immersion instances. With the advent of Squale watches, Charles Von Büren paved the way to what we recognize today as a Professional Diving Watch. Finding a particular, dependable, water-proof diving watch that would face up to positive depths became no easy mission in the 60s. Diving watches as we recognise them nowadays didn’t exist returned then. Charles Van Büren, together with Squale watchmakers, began a tireless search for excellence and reliability in a wrist-worn tool that would meet the needs of professional divers. These first timepieces blanketed capabilities that we take without any consideration nowadays, however that had been surprisingly innovative at the time, which includes the fluorescent orange minute hand. After many useful exams through expert divers, the Squale brand set up itself as a true diving watch. And so, the Professional Diving Watch changed into born, with Squale one in all its creators. It become the start of a fulfillment tale. The 60s and 70s added to mild several fashions nevertheless considered to be icons within the history of underwater horology. We are referring of direction to the famend Squale 1521, Squale 2002 and Squale Master, inimitable watches complete of charm that at once sparked the interest of the huge Swiss watchmaking brands. The first-rate-regarded Swiss Made brands started out to commission Squale to supply diving watches. Having the Squale mark (called VON) on an eye dial intended it become a true diving watch and it signaled safety and reliability. The high-quality sturdiness and reliability that characterised Squale watches became showed with the aid of the remarkable athletes who selected these watches in reaching their statistics. In 1967 Enzo Maiorca carried out an immersion report using a Squale Master. In 1970 the well-known diver Jacques Mayol set a ancient immersion file in Japan, achieving a intensity of 76 meters carrying a Squale watch on his wrist.


During this thriving time Charles Von Büren started out attempting to find a depended on collaborator to help him similarly expand his products. It become then that he launched into a wealthy partnership with the Maggi family. Thanks to this Italian family, Squale entered easily into the Italian marketplace which changed into taken into consideration to have a excessive ability due to the countless kilometers of shoreline surrounding the u . S .. The Island of Giglio (Tuscany) turned into the charming putting chosen to keep checking out and improving the already excessive-performing Squale watch. It changed into here that the Von Büren circle of relatives went diving on numerous occasions, such as for recreational purposes, wearing Squale watches whenever. The maximum critical final results of the 70s for this wonderful Swiss logo turned into the near and honest friendship that evolved among the Maggi and Van Büren households. This dependable friendship went beyond professional ties and allowed for a natural and clean transition of the agency from the Van Büren hands to the Maggi own family after Van Büren’s retirement. Since the Eighties the Maggi family has independently controlled the Squale emblem, continuously growing its popularity. Charles Van Büren left his creation in top fingers. During the Eighties and 1990s the Maggi circle of relatives evolved numerous models that had been widely a hit in the Italian market. In concordance with the global modifications affecting the marketplace, they improved the distribution to a worldwide scale. The Maggi own family devoted all their resources to present an global flair to the Squale watches: advertising and marketing the Swiss beginning of the brand, the truth that they had been the producers of the Professional Diving Watch with a protracted culture of Swiss production excellence, and the reality that it was run by using a family that positioned its ardour for horology first.

All those years of hard work have been rewarded in 2005, the year in which Squale watches reappeared on the international market following the return of vintage as a fashion. It become a direct fulfillment. They realized that the general public become nevertheless speakme approximately Squale watches and become fond of this logo which had remained a factor of reference inside the diving global all of these years. Nowadays, the goal of the Maggi circle of relatives, one of the few last households within the horology industry in Switzerland, is to consolidate the values of satisfactory and reliability precise to the Squale emblem: first-class in the materials and reliability inside the advantage of a diving watch over a diving pc. Indeed, Squale watches don’t rely on batteries, can withstand better thermal shocks than wrist computers, and are prepared with Swiss-made automated moves which have been thoroughly and rigorously examined.

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